The Rule Keeper: Jack Beermann teaches lessons in his admin law class and on the baseball field

Boston University School of Law Professor Jack Beermann loves rules. "I always have two pamphlets with me whenever I'm traveling," he says. "I love to read the Constitution and I love to read the Baseball Rule Book. Both of them are very similar experiences to me. You're always finding some new nuance or some new phrase that you never really focused on before and trying to figure out what it means." When he's not teaching administrative law, you can often find Beermann umpiring little league. "I think, other than my house I've probably spent more time at a baseball field than anywhere else in the world," he says.



Produced for: Boston University School of Law

Video/Editing: Casey Atkins

Music: Moncrief

Project Goals: Produce a video featuring BU Law professor Jack Beermann and his hobby outside of work.