The Rule Keeper

I'm pleased to be able to post the final installment in a series of videos and photos I produced on Boston University Law professors and their passions outside the law. You can view the rest of the series here. For each professor I produced a portrait as well as a video about them and why they're passionate about their hobby. It was interesting to see how many of their hobbies connected to their work as law professors.

BU Law Professor Jack Beermann loves rules. "I always have two pamphlets with me whenever I'm traveling," he says. "I love to read the Constitution and I love to read the Baseball Rule Book. Both of them are very similar experiences to me. You're always finding some new nuance or some new phrase that you never really focused on before and trying to figure out what it means." When he's not teaching administrative law, you can often find Beermann umpiring little league. "I think, other than my house I've probably spent more time at a baseball field than anywhere else in the world," he says.

Weekend Warrior

I'm excited to finally be able to post a video that I've been working on for BU Law since last summer. Most of the video was completed months ago, but unfortunately, there were a couple shots I needed that had to wait until this semester. This piece is part of a larger series that I'm working on for BU Law about professors and their passions outside the law. I love doing these kinds of pieces and am really looking forward to the rest of the series. Next up we have a classical guitarist, a figure skater and maybe a little league umpire...


Weekend Warrior: Gerry Leonard on life, liberty and the pushing the limit

BU Law professor Gerry Leonard loves cycling. Actually, he’s obsessed with cycling. In the summers, he’ll bike 17 miles from his home in Natick to come into work at BU Law, and his infatuation with European cycling is such that the topic has been known to come up in class or even make appearances on final exams...